Tuesday, November 28, 2000

Late start

Late start and two whole extra hours in bed - deep joy. To Staines from Lewes with the day job by car to see a supplier. The gas station at Leatherhead where I usually stop is coned off and I find myself on the M25 running out of gas. Only the Brits would build a motorway without service stations. I'm running on empty and trusting to luck. Divert through Chertsey where I spot a Sainsbury's supermarket - quick pitstop for gas and a snack - they have none of my favourite stuff but no matter - I'm rolling again.
Back home and 133 miles on the clock - important to keep clocking up the miles as British company car tax gets less the further you drive - work that one out. No matter - with the current state of the railways we're all motorists now.

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