Sunday, January 07, 2001

George Carman QC

Can’t let the week go by without commenting on the death of George Carman QC. A formidable advocate he was best known for his involvement in a succession of trials involving celebrities, which kept the tabloid press in copy for many a long year.
For me his masterly defence of Ken Dodd on tax evasion charges was the highlight of his career. “Some accountants are comedians, but comedians are never accountants” which Carman used in court was worthy of Dodd himself. Ken Dodd, the finest stand-up comedian of his generation, relaunched his career following the not guilty verdict with a barrage of jokes at the taxman’s expense – “they still write to me you know.”
The trial highlighted a little known clause in England’s unwritten constitution – you can’t convict a man as funny as Ken Dodd. Also make sure that George Carman QC is not appearing for the other side.

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