Sunday, January 07, 2001

Project Blueyonder

Cycling Gold-medalist from the Sydney Olympics, Jason Queally, is to make an attempt on the World land-speed record for a human-powered vehicle. The record is currently held by the American Sam Whittingham at 72.24 mph.

Known as Project Blueyonder the vehicle will be built by Reynard, the company that designs the BAR Formula One car for Jacques Villeneuve and also provides chassis for the Champ Car series in the United States. Based in Brackley, Northants Reynard operates out of a state-of-the-art high-technology park close to Silverstone racing circuit.

Queally will make his attempt at high-altitude in either Nevada or Colorado in October. Coincidentally the absolute world land speed record was set by the British Thrust SSC Project on 15th October 1997, the first supersonic land speed record in the Black Rock Desert, near Gerlach, Nevada, by averaging 763.035 for two runs. Royal Air Force pilot Andy Green was the driver of the car, while Richard Noble was the project leader

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