Friday, February 22, 2002

Mercedes join in German F3

Mercedes-Benz are to run a Formula 3 engine in Germany this season. The engine will be based on the C-Class 1.8-litre block bored out to 2-litres. The season dates are:
April 21 Hockenheim Baden-Württemberg
June 2 Sachsenring
June 30 Norisring
July 14 Eurospeedway Lausitz
July 28 Hockenheim Baden-Württemberg
August 4 Nürburgring
September 8 A1-Ring
September 21 Eurospeedway Lausitz
October 6 Hockenheim Baden-Württemberg
If you are interested in the history of German racing check out this website which covers racing at Solitude, near Stuttgart, in the old days.

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