Friday, September 20, 2002

Consignia disintegrates

The fire sale goes on at the Post Office. The BBC reports that Securicor is moving in on the Consignia cash handling business. The long-time competitor must be feeling a quiet satisfaction at finally seeing off the red vans.
After losing billions; the risible name change to Consignia and a catastrophic collapse in morale the Post Office "managers" are busy flogging off bits of the business in a bid to cut costs. The fat cat managers have been made to look foolish - it amounts to an admission that almost anybody could manage better than they. Never mind guys hold on for the golden parachute.
Crony to Tony Blair, Post Office chairman, Allan 'Freefall' Leighton, has been given carte blanche to restore profits. If The Post Office hadn't been used as a government cash cow down the years maybe it could have been different. Anyway Blair is desparate to avoid another fiasco to go with Railtrack, British Energy, and the National Air Traffic Services.

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