Friday, September 27, 2002

No Halifax Pier

After my visit to Halifax, Nova Scotia I keep finding out more about the place. I received this from my Dad:
"You may be interested - and perhaps surprised - to learn that although I have never been to Canada I once saw Halifax, Nova Scotia from the sea. This was in 1940 when I was on my way to India! The ship on which I sailed was not a troopship but an ordinary passenger liner, the City Of Venice belonging to the Ellerman Line. For our own safety we were ordered to join a convoy with a large naval escort to cross the Atlantic. All the rest of the convoy went into the port of Halifax but we left them there without going ashore and went down the coast of North America. Our next sighting of land was a lighthouse near Pernambuco in Brazil, or so I was told by one of the ship's officers. Afterwards we went ashore at Cape Town and also at Durban before arriving in Bombay just after Christmas."

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