Sunday, September 22, 2002

Prize-winning cheek

Whilst in Toronto viewing the new Renaissance Train (see below) we took in the 50th anniversary of the CBC celebrations at the same venue - fifty years of telly. This also featured a train, cross-country from Vancouver to Halifax, with artists travelling aboard and performing at the numerous stops. The first act we caught were Frank Leahy and Friends with a tribute to Don Messer - an old-timey violinist from Nova Scotia.
Frank proved to be a jolly fiddler in more senses than one - he rather spoiled the effect when he asked the audience a question and promised a CD as a prize for the first correct answer - when my wife answered correctly he acknowleged her and then absconded without dishing out the prize. Robert Maxwell would have been proud of him.
Anyway the band were damn good notably guitarist Paul Chapman picking on the semi-accoustic Fender Telecaster. Two 'Riverdance' girls periodically trod the boards and they closed their set with a frantic rendition of "Orange Blossom Special," appropriate on the forecourt of Union Station.
Rick Mercer made a brief appearance chiefly to demonstrate that he didn't know what the hell was going on. He was followed by the young Aselin Debison from Cape Breton who sang to backing tracks. After a shaky start she trouped through four numbers including "The Dance You Choose" and "Sweet is the Melody." We saw enough to know that she has a big voice for a small girl and should go far in the business. After some celebratory cake George Leach and his Band closed the afternoon, wildly miscast playing heavy rock to a rapidly dwindling seniors audience.

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