Thursday, September 05, 2002

Smart secret

I received the following from my brother who is on tour in Germany:
"We had a very amusing visit to the Smart emporium in Dusseldorf; needless to say, with two weeks to go before the launch at the Paris show, most staff had never heard of the Roadster and kept insisting 'you VILL have a Smart cabriolet!'
Eventually, a lady conceded there was such a thing but they had no information and would send me some; I bet they don't; they didn't reply to my email. Apparently this is typical of Germany."
Strangely the local paper here in Toronto, The Etobicoke Guardian, carried a feature on the new smart roadster and coupe this week - in a market where the smart is not sold. The maxim is customers always know more about products than the staff selling them.
Check out the smart roadster here.

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