Thursday, October 24, 2002

Rocket Radio

Saturday night at Hugh's Room watching Chris Whiteley & Friends. Now heading for the UK to host the breakfast show on Rocket Radio. The following press release cheered me up:



Rocket Radio is back on the air this Monday! Broadcasting on 87.8 FM, the station features twenty-two local presenters, some nationally-known, with a mix of local news and information and a wide range of music. On the Fifth, special extended Bonfire coverage, live from the key locations, will provide on-the-spot news of all the processions and sites, so don't forget to take your tranny or walkman.

Rocket Radio also presents the World Premiere of a new play for radio "The Trial of the Bonfire Boys". It is based on an account of the historic events of 1906 by local author Jim Etherington, adapted by broadcaster Dilly Barlow - with a certain degree of artistic licence.

The cast includes several well-known present-day bonfire boys such as Paul Wheeler of Commercial Square and Mark "Moose" Jarvis of Cliffe.

Celebrities local and national have lent a hand: Lord (Denis) Healey is the Chairman of the Magistrates and Peter Donaldson, the chief newsreader of BBC Radio 4 is the Counsel for the Defence. Other cameo roles are performed by Radio One legend John Peel, comedian Arthur Smith, Professor Laurie Taylor, and Felicity Finch, who plays Ruth Archer in "The Archers".
The whole adds up to a tense courtroom drama - the Bonfire Boys versus the Brighton Bobbies with authentic historical detail and bonfire sound effects.

Over the next two weeks from 28th October, Rocket, which is produced by the East Sussex Radio Society, will feature one hundred shows, covering nearly two hundred hours of airtime. Listeners can call the station with dedications on (0)1273 474741, or via the website - find out lots more and listen online at

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