Sunday, December 15, 2002

Diary of disasters on the rails

The Independent gives rail travellers some christmas cheer:

3 October: Train runs away and collides with another at Chichester
8 October: Train splits apart at Radford Junction, Notts, after short circuit causes uncoupling
9 November: Tunnel collapses on main line at Falkirk
10 November: Freight train derailed after running on to missing track near Rotherham
11 November: Chemical train derails in Warrington siding
12 November: Electric train signalled over line with no wires in Radlett, Herts
12 November: Out-of-gauge crane knocks down bridge, North Yorkshire
13 November: Main line loco runs out of control, Edinburgh
24 November: Train derails at 100mph on broken track in Ealing, west London
1 December: Express ruptures fuel tank hitting debris, Ealing

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