Sunday, March 23, 2003

Two (Green) Thumbs Up for the people of Etobicoke

A leaflet from the City of Toronto brings us the following news under the above headline:

"Congratulations, Etobicoke! You have proven yourselves to be champions of the environment. More than 95 percent of you are participating in the City's Green Bin Program, and you have helped to divert over 250 tonnes of organics every week from landfill. Instead, this material is being turned into good, rich compost for landscaping and agriculture.
Your participation is especially important since the city-owned Keele Valley landfill closed on December 31, 2002, and we are now trucking all our garbage to Michigan. As a result, our costs for waste disposal have increased from $12 per tonne to $52 per tonne. By using your green bins effectively, seven fewer trucks are going to Michigan each week. That's a significant savings, and helps the environment, too.
Many thanks for your support of the Green Bin Program!"

All good stuff but no word on composting at home - saves trucking organics anywhere - as TV gardening pundit Mark Cullen says "No amount of compost is too much."
Check out the Composting Council of Canada here.

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