Friday, March 12, 2004

From Hogtown to Beantown

I got back from the UK a week ago - I had to go over to sort out my immigration - I'm now a landed immigrant in Canada at long last. My reasons for quitting the UK are as valid as ever - as a brief trip over confirms. The taxman is squeezing the life out of the place and although they boast about low inflation the prices are astronomic. I was charged £10 for a haircut that cost £6 a couple of years ago - same shop, same guy.
I flew home from Gatwick business class - what a pleasure turning left when you get on the plane - it cost an additional £100 one way on Air Transat but worth it to get decent service and comfy seat. I'm hooked. I stayed at a local hotel here in Toronto for a couple of nights on arrival - less than £50 per night for a large room with a view of the city and room service at coffee shop prices. Tomorrow I'm off to Boston, Mass for the week - I'm going to a computer gig at Harvard U and planning to get loose in the second-hand bookshops in Cambridge. I got a deal at the Hyatt in the financial district - half price at $99 US per night for two. Should get a close-up of the US election.

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