Thursday, April 29, 2004

Damned if you do, damned if you don't

The borough-mongers of Toronto are at it again.
After vilifying the Toronto Port Authority, for trying to build a previously-approved bridge to Toronto Island Airport, Toronto's "large imperfect" Mayor, David Miller, has blown a gasket over the lack of a new ferry terminal.
He told CFTO news that the Toronto Port Authority had embarrassed the city internationally because a permanent terminal still has not been built.
A new ferry service across Lake Ontario between Toronto and Rochester, New York is due to start shortly but will rely on temporary facilities in Toronto.
The Mayor, all proposals and no powers, wants to run his own show and join in the porkfest. His frustration is understandable - why should the Feds have all the fun.
No word from the Mayor on where all those cars and trucks disgorged from the ferry will go when leaving the portlands. Anyway I thought ports were for welcoming ships.
Meanwhile wannabe MP, Jack Layton, was schmoozing the press at the Island Airport this week gloating over the lost opportunity at the airport and the blighted jobs that result. Surrounded by his coterie of Gucci-bag socialists this was a grotesque display of political grandstanding. His party, more at home at the perfume counter, long ago lost sight of the working man.
Incidentally the hacks of the press don't bother with any awkward questions - too much like hard work.
Could it be that the Bridge will get built after the election anyway? Is Paul Martin planning an end run round David Miller to show him who the real boss is?

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