Monday, January 17, 2005

Ontario in the snow

Rode the 'hound to Kitchener for the weekend. A town that has seen good times and bad. Off the bus in freezing cold weather Friday night and dive into Peter Martin's Restaurant at 20 King. Good food served at a glacial pace - it took about fifteen minutes to get a menu - make sure you have the rest of the night off. I'm glad we weren't going to the theatre across the street. Not cheap either, $9 on the soup index, but about the only place that isn't a chain restaurant in those parts.
If you are wondering what there is to do in Kitchener everybody says to go to the farmer's market. So we did.

These young ladies were warming up for Burns Night and plugging the Fergus Scottish Festival and Highland Games on 12,13,14 August 2005. Good to see the old traditions being celebrated as they danced to a pipe band. After years of being taught to be ashamed of our origins in the UK these folk were refreshing.
Back to Hogtown on Sunday in record time chugging down the 401 sat behind the driver in the Greyhound with every other seat taken.

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