Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Etobicoke days

To Bloor Street on the Brompton bicycle. Handed in a book at Brentwood Library, all duly barcoded these days. The bike always attracts attention - one guy advised me not to pick up any hitchhikers and another biker-type with ponytail said "That's the bike for me" - I was glad he didn't mean it literally. Stop off at Tim Horton's for a coffee, $1.20, that's 50p for Limey readers - peruse the National Post, cost zero. Then to Hy & Zel's on Islington Avenue - 4 litres of milk for $4.29, 1 dozen XL eggs 2.09 - wondering how that compares with the UK? Thank goodness there is no metric dozen as they would have ruined that by now. Back home through the side streets before the heat of the day in time to greet Tony the Postman.

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