Thursday, May 05, 2005

Steve Taylor Mountain Man

Steve Taylor reports from Kathmandu:

I'm Back....well, in Kathmandu anyway!!

After a most exhilarating experience and 3 weeks in the Sagamartha National Park, climbing many "hills", eating much Dhal Bhat, swimming in Glacial Lakes at 5000m and summiting Island Peak, 6189m on 30.04.2005 at 1015hrs (local) I am exhausted.

This is the most spectacular place on earth - I really think so!!

The weather has not been too kind though with it being very good for the first 2 weeks but then the clouds arrived bringing snow and rain and dullness for the last. Still it hasn't spoilt the trip, in fact, it is part of the trip and would have been quite boring if it hadn't (plus I would have brought all those warm clothes for nothing).

From start to finish, I reckon that I have walked somewhere in the region of 160 miles (not yet worked out the actual total amount of height climbed - that is more complicated).

The people are fantastic, food outstanding (to say it is some 3 miles up in the air) it will be a shame to come home.

Off to get a shower now, 'cause after 3 weeks in the hills it is a good job that the Internet hasn't yet worked out how to transmit smells.

Loads of pictures to share when I get back.

All the very best for now.



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