Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Get your kicks

Breakfast at the Ranch House in Stroud fielding enquiries from the good old boys - "is it a Ford?" Annette opts for biscuits and gravy with 1 egg - finds she likes it - $2.49 plus 80 cents unlimited coffee. Photograph the Phillips 66 gas station in Chandler and the Round Barn in Arcadia. Receive a text message from Andy Thomas in Yukon, OK, the home of Garth Brooks. To El Reno, OK to ride the streetcar, but the streetcar is "broke." Splendid museum in old railroad station, also the relocated El Reno hotel.
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Janet said...

Wow...never thought I'd be reading about Arcadia, Oklahoma on a blog! I was born & raised in Tulsa, so I have a great fondness for Route 66 and many of the sights & sounds along the way. I'm now living in North Oxfordshire, a LONG way from Tulsa. Life's full of adventures.

Read about your blog on the US/UK Forum.

I'll be back from time to time to read about your adventures!


andy said...

never knew i lived in the Yukon; keep saying what state you are in, as the towns don't mean much to a homeboy.