Friday, July 28, 2006

A hard rains gonna fall

Across the border at Bridgewater and made our way by a circuitous route to Woodstock, N.B., where we decided to camp at the Connell Park campground high on a hill. We'd been putting off camping due to persistent rain but up went the tent, and after supper at Pizza Delight in town, we hoped for the best. We got the worst - thunder and lightning and the tent shipping water. Fortunately not serious enough to wash us out but definitely a disturbed night. Breakfast at A&W - the "dub" - where the newspaper delivery guy gave us a free newspaper as he liked the smart car so much.
After visiting my father-in-law at Long Settlement - lunch at Grama's in Centreville - we headed south next morning on the Trans-Canada to Saint John. An idiot tried to run us of the road on the way, forcing us onto the hard shoulder, which shook us up a bit.
Saint John has many historic buildings and has done much to attract tourists, including those from the cruise ships that dock here. There is much angst over the threatened closure of the ferry to Digby, Nova Scotia across the Bay of Fundy. We visited the Loyalist House and the Martello Tower with commanding views of the harbour including Partridge Island where immigrants were processed in years gone by. Folk in town were helpful beyond the call of duty while we killed time waiting for the smart car to be serviced on Rothesay Avenue.
Last night at Sussex, N.B., with a splendid station, now tourist information, which apparently saw passenger trains as recently as nine years ago.
Now in Moncton, N.B., a place that was so hard to find we nearly gave up due to lack of road signs. Large roundabout in the centre - they'll catch on in the end. Breakfast at Cora's - they managed a side order of sliced tomato to augment a fry up. We will be in Nova Scotia by nightfall.

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