Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Motoring in the maritimes

The drive up from North Sydney yesterday was wet much of the way with a severe rainstorm causing us to pull over near Amherst due to aquaplaning.
Heard on the ferry coming back from Newfoundland: "The moose in Newfoundland get your licence plate number and they try to get you on the way back" - newfie humour about collisions between motor vehicles and the dreaded moose.
I am in Miramichi, New Brunswick, in Acadian country, on a beautiful sunny day. Overnighted at Shediac at Camping Beausejour [cold] where French mostly spoken. Stopped off at the boyhood home of James Bonar Law - the only British Prime Minister to be born outside the UK [good trivia question].
We met Remi Legacy on the road in his smart - he swears by the car saying his company has two and two more on order. He said he had replaced a Ford Crown Victoria company car with a smart and reduced the gas bill from $1000 to $200 per month. For more on smart see
Along the coast to Point Sapin, a working little fishing village with boats coming and going. Many derelict buildings and much cheap real estate in this neck of the woods. Now heading north for Miscou Island then back home via Quebec and Ottawa.

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