Monday, October 30, 2006

Half way through

Six shows in the can, six to go. Don't miss it all on Rocket FM on the internet. Please sign our guestbook - it makes it all worthwhile!
This week sees the big build-up to bonfire. I'm on Get Smart, 5-7, weekdays and will be providing the play-by-play commentary on bonfire night, this year on Saturday November 4th 18:00 to midnight.
Chaplain Clive Anderson is flying in from Toronto on Thursday and we're expecting Doug Chiasson on Air Canada. The bonfires at Newick and Firle were held successfully this last weekend and the excitement is building for the main event here in Lewes. Good luck to all the bonfire boys and girls and fraternal greetings to Conrad Bladey at the Baltimore Bonfire Society in the USA.

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