Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Greedy Greene King - the new Watney's

Photo: Roger Bamber

Remember the bad old days of Watney's Red Barrel and Kegbuster, the CAMRA-campaign that defeated Grotney's. Nobody thought the mighty brewer could be laid low but the name Watney's no longer exists while CAMRA sails on.
Well watch Greedy King self-destruct as it screws drinkers at the Lewes Arms in Lewes, East Sussex. The customers prefer Harvey's Best, the local brew from the brewery down the road, the overwhelming choice of drinkers at the pub.
Greene King are removing Harvey's from the pub this weekend and only offering their own beers - poor tackle by comparison. A company that treats its customers with contempt will pay a bitter price in the long run. Sheltering behind phony PR that emphasises choice and the sanctity of the local fools nobody. Drinkers at the pub are mad as hell and won't forget this slight in a hurry.
Greedy Greene King are set to make a classic mistake. Bad luck to them.

Check out the Friends of the Lewes Arms blog here.

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andy, UK said...

you can't fight a conglomerate like Greene King with money but you CAN fight them with ideas and win!
andy, UK.