Sunday, November 26, 2006

Prairie Home Companion

I've just read "Radio Romance" by Garrison Keillor, bought for me by my wife for thirty pence in a UK charity shop. The book tells the tale of WLT Radio in Minneapolis. It is a damn good chuckle and considerably racier to those familiar with "Lake Wobegon Days."
Yesterday we were out early in the fog for a smart car meet we arranged in High Park at the Grenadier Restaurant. There were seven cars in all, mostly out-of-towners and a good time was had by all. Last night we went to the video store across the street and rented "Prairie Home Companion" - more GK, and based on his long running radio show, of the same name, which he freely confesses was inspired by the "Grand Ole Opry."
What a pleasant movie! With an ensemble cast it was Robert Altman's last picture as director. It was beautifully observed with great music. The producer fretting over the bad jokes of the singing cowboys "Dusty and Lefty" rang true. Robin and Linda Williams stole the show for me with their rendition of "Old Plank Road." For Americana buffs good value at $4.99 CDN rental.

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