Thursday, January 11, 2007

No snow

To the village of Creemore, Ontario yesterday where the big story is the lack of snow in this outrageously mild Canadian winter.

The headline on the front page of the Creemore Echo is "NO SNOW" to the chagrin of the ski clubs, who are laying off staff in droves, and tow-truck drivers everywhere.
We lunched at Affairs Cafe where they were missing the ski crowd. Upside we could park right outside at 5, Francis Street East.

The Creemore Springs brewery is across the street. Great to see a small brewery in a small town. Then to Dufferin County Museum & Archives which is a splendid four-storey modern structure right in the middle of nowhere at Airport Road and Highway 89. We were given a tour behind-the-scenes of this sumptuous museum. All the stars must have aligned when the grant application went in! We took some photos from the tower built to look like a grain silo.

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