Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Dealership day

To Oakville, Ontario to take the smart car for service. Leave home at 07:10 and arrive via the QEW at 07:45 in the rain. I'm trying out the service at Meray Motors, also called M-B Oakville Autohaus, for the first time. Although the advertised time for opening is 08:00 they are in full flow on arrival. Phil, the service guy, is waiting for me and correctly identifies me although we haven't met. I sit in the waiting room until 10:00 reading the papers and drinking coffee. Phil enquires whether I would like to go for breakfast and Hans, in a Mercedes B Class, drives me to the Fifties Diner a few blocks away. Peameal bacon and scrambled eggs with tea - $6.69, plus $2 tip.

I walk back to the dealership, although a lift was on offer. The car is in the yard and after wrestling with the computer Phil gets me on my way at 11:30. I call in to see nephew Owen nearby and take the Lakeshore home. Diesel at Pioneer in Port Credit 89.9 cents per litre. Another chore checked off my to do list.

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