Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Cheap Charlie rides again

Greetings from an arctic Canada. I've just set up a wireless network in the apartment and am testing on my ancient Dell laptop, launched in 1999, and still going strong. I only got my hands on it recently. Re-installed two keytops on keyboard - develish job supposed to be impossible. Machine wouldn't boot so tested hardware with Damn Small Linux - cleared out startup files and managed to start Windows - installed wireless card $28 - updated Windows 98 SE via Windiz using free Wi-Fi at the library. I tried IE, Firefox and Opera to access the net but only Firefox will work on my wireless net. So now I have a road warrior for next to nothing which hopefully will provide email and blog access on summer trip out west, also photo vault. Exploit low-cost technology!
BTW these machines were $3000 and up when launched. Now they are seen as despicable old hat. Give it another fifteen years or so and folk will be waxing nostalgic like with the Commodore 64. I'm prepared to wait.

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