Monday, February 25, 2008

New Windows for old

On the laptop front I have been wrestling with Windows 98SE like déjà vu all over again. After cleaning and rebuilding the registry the Dell machine is now running smoothly - boots far quicker than my Windows XP machine. I'm holding off on Vista bloatware. A whole new sub-laptop segment is opening up with machines like the Asus Eee - my nephew has just bought one and is delighted with his new low-cost internet toaster. It has built-in Skype with camera, internet, open office etc all for $400. HP are piling in with a $500 machine.
Yesterday I went to Future Shop to buy a floppy disk [or disc] - I needed a new one to make a boot disk. The guy at the store wasn't sure whether they had any and then said you're lucky that we have them in stock. At the checkout they asked what I wanted them for - of course I had to buy a pack of ten. It is the NA way!

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Anonymous said...

buy a mac -plug and play