Thursday, March 27, 2008

Rip-off Britain still lives

Waking up too late in The Times.

Starbucks coffee: £2 in the UK. $2 including tax in Canada for a medium (18 oz). Half the price. Considered a treat here in Hogtown, coffee can be obtained for far less elsewhere in Toronto. Tip: If you are on a budget at Starbucks ask for a short.
Update: we checked out the coffee prices at Tim Hortons: small (10 oz) $1.07; med (12 oz) $1.17 ; large $1.35; xlarge $1.44. These prices plus 14% tax; prices may vary locally.
Coffee controversy in the Toronto Sun.

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andy, UK said...

if you are visiting the UK, Neros is preferable to Starbucks;
slogan: best coffee this side of Milan; generally better run and cleaner, from the four or five of each i have visited; a medium Americano in my local Neros is £1.65 (high by Canadian standards, but a much better cup than eg Tim Hortons)