Sunday, May 11, 2008

Hogtown City Limits V

To Toronto Islands on the Brompton bicycle. We stared across the Eastern Gap from Ward's Island where we could see Miller's Folly, named for Toronto's "large imperfect" mayor. This brand spanking new ferry terminal sits idle, like its counterpart in Rochester, New York. There is no ferry thanks to Toronto turning its back on the venture. See PunchBuggy Passim here and here.

This started me thinking about the newly-built but empty $92m TTC bus garage at Mount Dennis, the train station at Pearson Airport with no tracks to the city and the bridge to the Island airport that was never built at a cost of $35 million. They say we get the politicians we deserve so we must have done something awful to fall into the clutches of these borough-mongers and sinecurists.

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