Saturday, July 19, 2008

Home run

Early departure for Grand Rapids and a breakfast stop. We struggle to find diesel and grub - this ain't no tourist town. On to Dearborn for a tour of the Automotive Hall of Fame at the Ford factory - we can't find the similarly-named Motorsport Hall of Fame in nearby Novi, Michigan - has it closed?
On into Detroit through the grungy parts of town - this is everything you ever imagined only worse. Block after block of boarded-up buildings - the only operating establishments seemingly being porn or pawn shops and seedy gentlemen's clubs. Unmissable. We duck over the Ambassador Bridge at the border where Windsor, ON, seems like paradise. More pouring rain as we reach Toronto at 19:00. Quick pitstop for groceries and we are indoors before 20:00.
Listening to Alan Jackson & Jimmy Buffett: It's five o'clock somewhere; George Jones: White Lightning.

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the Deege said...

welcome all well at High Park.