Saturday, July 05, 2008

Top of the World

We liked the Badlands, we enjoyed the Black Hills and the Bighorn Mountains were a blast. We left Gillette, Wyo for Buffalo - where we stopped for diesel, bank and post office. 57 cent coffee at the drugstore and on to Worland for lunch in an old-timey lunchroom. We get into the desert scrub and are searching off-the-road for the ghost-town of Gebo, Wyoming. We find it, what is left of it, and also the Gebo Dome oil field where a guy greets us warmly among the nodding donkeys. Overnight at Thermopolis, Wyo - visit to the museum to find some Gebo fragments.
Next day to Cody, Wyo for the Fourth of July parade - 'Uncle Sam' poses on stilts by the smart car.
I'm now in Red Lodge, Montana, in the shadow of the Beartooth mountains, after a hair-raising ride to the 'Top of the World" at 10,947 feet in the smart car. Snow in July.
We have been to a gravesite, the Chapman House, the courthouse and the historical society while staying at the Pollard Hotel. Wild celebrations for the 4th yesterday, with a drum band playing in the bar.

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