Saturday, August 02, 2008

NASCAR takes a raincheck

After the pitiful display at Indianapolis last weekend, with dud tires, NASCAR does it again in the Nationwide series at Montreal. The race is stopped on lap ten so that drivers can fit rain tires and windshield wipers! Can you imagine red-flagging the cars at Le Mans for a shower of rain. These guys have been sand-bagging for years by refusing to run in the rain - now they are having a tea break like cricketers.
Let us hope the road-racers in the field can give a decent display once we get back to green-flag racing.
Update: Some drivers have chosen not to fit windshield wipers to race in the rain. NASCAR has decreed they will decide when teams can switch from wet to dry tires, not the teams themselves. Laughable.
Update: Result: 1. Ron Fellows 2. Patrick Carpentier 3. Marcos Ambrose (led 27 laps). The wet/dry tire decision never arose as the race was wet throughout.

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