Friday, December 19, 2008

Brompton is a UK phenomenon

I received a welcome newsletter from folding bike manufacturer Brompton, the UK firm that didn't know that you can't make things in London:

"Finally, 2008 saw the 20th anniversary of the full-time production of Bromptons in March 1988; having finally secured funding, Andrew Ritchie and two staff began producing a handful of bikes per week in a railway arch about a mile from our current factory. 20 years later, having seen his small project grow to become a globally-recognised brand, Andrew stepped down as Managing Director in April, though he continues to be heavily involved, as Technical Director, in the day-to-day activities of the company, in particular in quality control and training."

The newsletter contained some interesting information about product enhancements for 2009. Not even the collapsing pound is slowing them down:

Will Butler Adams, managing director of Brompton Bicycle, said: “The weakening of the pound against the euro is great. We export 70 percent of our products, 35 percent to Europe. So this makes our bike more competitive.” More here.

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