Monday, February 23, 2009

Hogtown City Limits VII

Former hack and Councillor Adam Vaughan has been doing his damndest to throw spanners in the works down at the Toronto City Airport; by blocking the taxi lanes with cement parking curbs. Fortunately Vaughan lost the case at court, presumably at Toronto taxpayer's expense. When will these lefties get the message that trying to block business in Hogtown isn't too sensible as we head into the worst depression in decades.
Toronto's "large imperfect" Mayor, David Miller, and assorted borough-mongers, have been doing their best to get the airport shut down. They have just lost a tax fight with the Toronto Port Authority, which controls the airport, in which a $37 million assessment has been knocked down by arbitrators to $5 million and backdated to 1999. This looks like a deliberate attempt to wreck the viability of the airport by the anti-business cabal.
Porter Airlines, which is rapidly expanding, flies from Toronto City Airport in Bombardier aircraft manufactured at Downsview in Toronto. The airport provides jobs in manufacturing and jobs in service industries, which in turn bring the businessmen to town who are doing the vital deals for the benefit of the city. Time for the Stalinists to recant and build the beautiful bridge to the Islands Airport; playing their part in a much needed revival. Shovels in the ground, gentlemen?
See: Globe and Mail, Mon Feb 23, 2009.

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