Sunday, July 12, 2009

Blighty on the Med

July 11: Ten o'clock guided tour of Gibraltar Museum conducted by Clive Finlayson. Moorish baths, natural history, interesting "Seige Room". Bought book: "The Seige of Gibraltar", £14.50. Took bus up narrow streets to just below Moorish Castle. Ticket rip-off - paid £16 for two 50p tickets. Saw the "City under Seige" displays at the magazine.
The Military Heritage Centre was closed. Heroic climb up to Seige Tunnel where we sorted out ticket snafu. Overall, poor value for money. Walked down to the town centre, mostly via stairways. Lunch at the Gibraltar Arms - pil-pil prawns and tuna salad and sangria. Evening pizzas at the Verandah Bar, Eliott Hotel.
July 12: Walk to Gibraltar Botanical Gardens and Wildlife Park to take photos of Eliott and Wellington memorials. Took number 3 bus to Europa Point where the "last shop in Europe" is closed and empty. Scottish £5 refused on bus! Sea mist blocks the view of Africa. We hop back on the bus to town and walk through Ocean Village to Morrison's Supermarket where we buy a picnic lunch and get back on the bus to "Both Worlds" on the east coast and walk back to Catalan Beach for a shady snack lunch. Early evening walk to the Casemates - the citadel of Gibraltar - now a thriving shopping/eating centre. All-day bus rover ticket £1.50 each, good value. Enjoying our time in Blighty on the Med.

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