Saturday, August 15, 2009

Let's go to the Ex

We went on Thursday by bicycle but it turns out they didn't want us at all. They were paying guys good money to keep folk out of Exhibition Place, known as the Ex. We entered via the bridge from Ontario Place innocently enough but when we exited at the Prince's Gate they wouldn't let us back in! Anyway we'd already got the photos we wanted so we returned via the Lakeshore.

Tiny Tom Donuts are an essential part of this nostalgia-fest which had its heyday a long time ago as a blue-collar treat for Torontonians. This year the annual bash starts on Friday August 21st.

This irritating piece of agitprop is sprayed at frequent intervals on the short stretch of cyclepath on the Lakeshore, opened recently by Waterfront Toronto, known risibly as the Blue Edge. I wonder how much a consultant was paid to design it? Have these people taken leave of their senses?

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