Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Circuit des Remparts 2009

There have been a lot of anniversaries in the car world - 100 years of Morgan and Bugatti - plus fifty years of the mini. Here at Angoulême the Circuit des Remparts celebrates the seventieth edition, hosting a mini. This is the 1071cc mini of Denis Derex from 1963. I took this picture on the short chute approaching the Virage du théâtre by holding the camera through the fence and hoping for the best.
Pic by RLT.

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Moto enduro said...


I was at the "Circuit des Remparts 2009" and I found this video : http://www.lespotes.org/flash/video-flash-circuit-des-remparts-2009-27.html

I think it's a great video to all those who are not be in Angoulême last week-end.