Friday, February 12, 2010

Hogtown giddy limits

'We'll shut you up! We'll nail you down! We will, my little master!
'We think we've all heard quite enough of this your sad disaster!' Edward Lear.

I must say the boroughmongers are supplying some top-class entertainment. Well we haven't heard enough of Adam Gambrione until he has quit the TTC and left politics all together. I suppose you have to say that things are going rather well. First "Large Imperfect" Mayor Miller throws in the towel, after a mauling by his own supporters, then his anointed successor Giambrone gets caught with his pants down and his mayoralty campaign implodes. What chance a lucrative sinecure for Mayor Miller now?
Meanwhile the "Hopey, changey stuff" over at the school board (TDSB) has hit the buffers. After all it is so last year. Wasting money on grandstanding at the Air Canada Centre does not make up for failing to supply basic school text books, computer printers etc., scrubbing graffiti and fixing thermostats so that TDSB are not heating the neighbourhood. Bruce Davis, TDSB big-wig, has shot himself in the foot by issuing a toothless ultimatum to board member Josh Matlow, hitherto unknown, but now the second most talked-about person in the city, after Giamboner that is.

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