Sunday, August 01, 2010

Day 16, 17: Seattle, Washington

We start the day at Starbucks in-store at Safeway - we ask if they have wi-fi: "No, we took it out because it wasn't working properly!"
To Evergreen-Washelli Memorial Park on the trail of Sam Gebo. We are greatly assisted by Marti Lutz, who sheds new light on the case.

I hadn't been downtown Seattle more than 25 minutes when I was fined $39 for incorrectly displaying my parking ticket - in front window, not side. We were in the Pike Place market area. Frankly this is an overrated destination not really suitable for visitors, tourists, families or men of goodwill. The parking meter picture gives you the idea - yes, that is the 'F' word on the front. The parking scam is the limit and downtown Seattle best avoided. We have travelled across the US all the way from Michigan and have not been treated so badly anywhere but here.
Next day we head south towards Mount Rainier. We breakfast at The Lee diner in Enumclaw, the hometown of NASCAR star Kasey Kahne. Apparently he hangs out at The Mint bar when in town.

The #91 Heisler locomotive at the Mount Rainier Scenic Railroad, Elbe, Washington. The one and a half hour train ride to Mineral Lake and back is a joy. We chat to some Aussie railfans prior to departure.
Squeeze play the Showbox at The Market, 1426 First Ave., Seattle, Tuesday, 2nd August. Rush play White River Amphitheatre, Seattle, WA, August 7.

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