Friday, August 20, 2010

Flower of Scotland wilts at the last

In the last of his reports Rick Pearson tells a tale of woe from Bonneville:
There was to be no fairytale ending for us here on the Salt.
We knew we had just one last chance to set the record so we turned up the boost and geared her for 325mph, knowing if we could get right down the Salt we would have the fastest 1 litre car in history.
We were on the Salt as early as possible, prepped the car with fuel and ice and joined the line for our run... I’d spent 3 days preparing myself mentally for what I knew was going to be a Hail Mary pass and I was ready. The Americans who were helping us out insisted on holding a short prayer for my safety before I got in the car (which wasn’t particularly reassuring!) and despite the wind conditions being marginal I decided with Derek Sr that we were ready to go.
The push start went well, the car came up on the boost nicely and I got a super smooth shift into 2nd gear where the Flower of Scotland REALLY starts to boogie... a blink of an eye and we’re knocking on 200mph and it’s time for 3rd gear, when there is a small pop from the engine as a valve dropped and the power dropped away. With just 1 hour left in Speed Week our dream was over for this year and the crew are all shattered and pretty dejected, sitting here in the airport in silence.
Thanks for all the support over the past week. It’s been really appreciated out on the Salt.

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