Saturday, August 14, 2010

Rick Pearson too fast at Bonneville

Rookie Rick Pearson was set to complete his very first shakedown run on the Bonneville Salt Flats today at the annual Bonneville Speed Week. A little shaky off the start he shed the push truck rather early, and then experienced blurred vision due to lack of padding for his helmet and methanol fumes from the engine. He was instructed to run no faster than 150 mph but his right foot got the better of him as he went through Mile 4 at 170.865 mph. A mild admonishment from the SCTA saw him cleared to prepare for his second shakedown run at 175 mph. A successful run at 200 mph will see him cleared to go for the class record.

The 1-litre Flower of Scotland streamliner has plenty left in the tank. Pearson plans to attack the Blown Fuel Streamliner record in class I - that is for one litre cars - later in the week. The record is currently held by the Castella/Yacoucci streamliner at 313.984 mph set in 2003.

The team report that they are pleased with the media reaction in Scotland and in the UK in general to their efforts and are confident the car can set a record and put Rick Pearson in the 300 mph club.

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