Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rick turns up the wick at Bonneville

Rick Pearson reports:
Monday August 16 update - the engine change we had to do took a long while, and it was 5pm before the Flower of Scotland was ready to run. We needed to make a pass between 175mph and 200mph for the next licence level. The rules being that we must run within each speed band as we increase. So I passed the 2 1/4 mile speedtrap at a 200.213mph and had to pull the chutes before reaching 3 miles as the car was still accelerating hard (peak speed was 214mph) and I didn’t want to exceed the limit we’d been set!
The crew tried hard to turn the car around before the 7pm curfew on the Salt, but with checking the new engine fully we ran slightly out of time. So we’re ready to go, first thing in the morning tomorrow, we’ve been asked to make a pass between 200 and 250mph as the next stage, we’ll then be allowed to run in the next band, 250-300mph which we hope to do around lunchtime, then all being well, we’ll turn up the boost and make a pass at the record of 313mph towards the end of the day tomorrow!

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