Thursday, February 10, 2011

Miller's "World Class City" waste

"He took us to the cleaners and other misdemeanors." - after Ian Dury

Former "large imperfect" Mayor Miller has received a lifetime achievement award for waste, due to his record of soaking Toronto taxpayers - see PunchBuggy Passim. It reminds me of some of his other achievements:

* Failure to tell Police Chief Blair to stop running amok at the G20.

* Provoking a five-week garbage strike, and losing.

* Remaining absent after the Sunrise propane explosion.

* Paying $35 million not to build the bridge to the island airport.

* Failing to spot a $47m liability for the Pan-Am games.

* Presiding over a disgraceful regime at Municipal Licensing Services to the detriment of small business.

* Turning a blind eye when Adam Giambrone was caught with his hand in the till.

* Spending much of his time on foreign "jollies" while the city stagnated.

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