Saturday, August 27, 2011


I drove the smart car to the east end of Toronto for service on Friday. On arrival I unpacked the Brompton folding bicycle and set off for Queen's Quay to meet my pal Ron for coffee at Tim Horton's. I hadn't gone half a mile down River Street when the back tyre exploded. I had met the item illustrated above.
I walked to Queen's Quay and, after coffee, took a $20 cab ride to Curbside Cycle on Bloor. Another Schwalbe inner tube and we were good to go, $23.94 fitted, riding home via Dupont. While out we fielded a call to hear that the smart car needs a new $50 dollar oil-filter housing, and would not be ready until monday. I'm $93.94 down on the morning - thanks to Ron for buying the coffee.

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