Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Trigger Happy

The gearshift on my Kent Auto-Mini bicycle failed at the anchorage. It was relying on a piece of bent wire to connect the shifter cable to the small chain, which actually changes the gears. This wire straightened out and failed under load. I concluded that if this could happen once it was bound to happen again.
I'd never experienced a failure like this in over ten years riding the Brompton folding bicycle, also equipped with Sturmey Archer hub gears. A trip to my local bike store and I obtained the Brompton-like anchorage (Manufacturer Part #: HSL759) which I fitted myself (see pic). A test ride to Queens Quay, some 15 miles in all, and the Auto-Mini is behaving itself once more. The 3-speed trigger is shifting satisfactorily, as well as can be expected for a component over 40 years old and known for its eccentricity.
Pic by RLT.

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