Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Let the buyer beware

Gad’s Hill School, Rochester, Kent is boasting of its academic achievements, claiming to be “The TOP Performing Independent School in England.” This recent photograph of a signboard at the school is misleading. The trouble is Gad’s Hill School has sunk to the bottom of the class.
In the GCSE results for 2011 Gad’s Hill rated 408 out of 420 independent schools – see: Daily Telegraph.
The exaggerated claims so irked another local school that they allegedly complained to the Advertising Standards Authority – see: Daily Telegraph.
The headmaster of Gad’s Hill School, David Craggs, receives a £200,000 annual remuneration package made up of £160k salary + £23k pension + £3,872 governors expenses + 85% reduction in school fees worth i.r.o. £15k. For this he supervises 390 pupils and a total of 68 staff. That is £200,000 for managing a medium-sized, underperforming school.
The Prime Minister receives a salary of £142,500.
Photograph by A. Mole.

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