Thursday, December 29, 2011

I'd rather be in Philadelphia

To Pearson Airport for Air Canada 346 to Philadelphia. Took forever to get through Immigration and Customs. The whole place was a zoo - several hours wasted for a one-hour flight. Let us hope Porter start serving Philly from the Island Airport.
The 73-seat Embraer 175 was 40 minutes late departing - the substitute captain informed us that his colleague was stuck in customs, he was originally going to Newark but now taking us to Newark, er, Philadelphia. The inflight entertainment was hors de combat for most of the flight - "this feature is currently unavailable."
As it was getting towards midnight we took a taxi into town - $31.50 with tip. A quick pitstop at Dunkin' Donuts, some late-night TV (how tired the talk show format has gotten - who is writing this lame material?).

Up for scrambled eggs and out into chilly Philly, down JFK Boulevard. They have HSBC and TD Bank here which is a bonus when it comes to charges. We walk to 30th Street Station (via the Suburban Station) which was named by Trains magazine as the finest surviving station in the USA. Completed in 1934 it is a marvelous marble hall not to be missed. (See pic at top.)

We walk back up Market Street which is altogether seedier, including porn cinema and Sally Army thrift store. We have a kitchen in our room at the Marriott so, after a Pizza lunch in an authentic Italian diner (Zio's, 111, South 13th Street), we crash out with tea and pastries. So far so good.
I forgot to mention Air Canada are charging $25 per piece for checked baggage - we brought carry-ons - I have a folding bag for any shopping so we may check one bag going home.
Pics by Annette.

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