Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bloviating on bicycles

With the weather turned cold in Toronto there are fewer opportunities to go cycling. But there is much activity on the bench. I've been acquiring some old bike spanners or wrenches like the one above. There are no identifying marks on this one so its origins remain a mystery. An extensive search on the internet has turned up nothing.
I also found this old card that came with my Brompton bicycle in 2000. When you have a negligible marketing budget this was a low-cost way of spreading the word by getting your customers to hand out cards.

Another project, some time in the future, will be building a bike with this Fichtel & Sachs Torpedo dreigang 3-speed hub gear. This beautiful 'bean tin' hub is a keeper. I've also just discovered that F&S made the motors for the Messerschmitt cabin scooter.

Pics by RLT.

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telejack said...

... and eventually, with a greater budget enabling the purchase of Spellcheck software, Brompton were able to spell the titles of national newspapers correctly!