Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Brompton toolkit in the works

I sent the following question to Brompton Bicycle Ltd: "In the old days there used to be a multi-use spanner that came with your bike, Raleigh, other brands, Brooks etc. Are there any plans to produce such a spanner for the Brompton? If so, where can I buy one?"
I received the following reply: "Thank you for contacting us. You are not the first person to ask the question of a toolkit for the Brompton and over the years we have listened to our customers and have been developing just that, a toolkit. We aim to have a toolkit available in the very near future, so please keep an eye on our website or your local dealer for details. It will contain all the tools needed for basic roadside repair of your Brompton."

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telejack said...

Wonder whether they will charge an eye-watering price?