Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Way down in Bowling Green

We drove south from Louisville early, stopping for breakfast at the Waffle House in Brooks, Kentucky, off I-65. Just about the perfect road-trip breakfast with two eggs and grits. Add sliced tomato. Yum. Note inverted ashtray - smoking permitted.

We went on the factory tour at the Corvette plant in Bowling Green. They assemble eighty Corvettes per ten-hour shift at this 1m-square foot plant, a former Chrysler air-conditioning factory. This was a rather grubby establishment which did not project a high-tech image. Seeing behind the scenes rather diminished the lustre.
On to the Corvette Museum where Roy Orbison's Vette, made in St Louis, was waiting.

Home via the backroads in search of vintage tin, past signs for Abe Lincoln's birthplace and the Jim Beam distillery.
Pics by Annette.

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