Thursday, July 12, 2012

Come on baby, drive south

The Deep South smart car tour is underway. We left Toronto at 07:15 on Tuesday heading for Fort Erie. After a pitstop to deliver a package in Oakville, we reached the Peace Bridge at 09:25. Our luck was in and we cleared customs in half an hour. Next stop Arcade, NY, after a short detour to climb the old Holland Hill Climb course. It is at this point that we discover that Annette's camera contains no memory card.
In Arcade we snack at Ma ma's Home Cooking, apple crisp $2 a piece, opposite the Arcade & Attica Railroad station. We do some research at the Arcade Free Library, which turns out to be a bust.
We then head for Hammondsport, NY, on the backroads, and the Glenn Curtiss Museum. This is a mixture of bicycles, motorbikes, cars, boats, aeroplanes and a delightful travel trailer. Recommended. We are tired by 17:00 and glad to find the comfortable Keuka Lakeside Inn in Hammondsport, $99.68 incl tax. We walk to The Union Block Italian Bistro for supper, good food with a shouty waitress.

We are up early and head for Watkins Glen and the Glen Mountain Bakery and Market for a light breakfast. There is a Corvair pickup - see Punchbuggy Passim - and an old Corvette parked outside. On to the International Motor Racing Research Center, a regular port of call. I subedit some copy for a newspaper back home.

We break for lunch at Jerlando's Pizza in town - there is enough left over for supper. We ride down to Corning, NY, by 16:00 where we are staying at the Radisson. We buy an 8gb SD card for $10.80 at Walgreens - deal. We stroll round the shops but are back in time to watch the Tour de France on TV. More here.
Pics by RLT & Annette.

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